Sunday, January 11, 2015

Small steps Big Results

Tonight I was thinkin wow I haven't written on my blog in a very long time and have felt like I have been letting my readers down so tonight at 2am I am sitting here and writing something that I have learnt recently.

We have all had big dreams that have at times seemed impossible to obtain.  Perhaps we are still working on them, maybe worse case thinking they are impossible.  Well tonight what I write I hope will help you to move toward obtaining those dreams and realizing they maybe aren't so far away.

What I have learnt is it's great to have big goals that's what makes us grow and tests our boundaries.  Instead of looking just at the end goal and wondering how you're going to get there, break it down step by step.  If those steps still seem hard to do break it down further.  Keep breaking it down until you succeed in that first step then take the next and the next.

Review your goals each and everyday to push you through the hard days.  Never give up on yourself because you are worth it.  You deserve a better life and you can make it happen.  The biggest part of obtaining your goals is to take that first step.  Once you do that and take the next and next the momentum will build and soon you'll be succeeding and hitting your goals.

Let me know how this has helped you and leave a comment on those goals you are working to obtain.  Keeping yourself accountable and having others cheat you on can help reach those goals even faster!  Good luck my friends.

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