Sunday, April 27, 2014

Self Advancement

today I want to talk to you about taking time to improve on yourself. This could come in the form of many ways. I for one read a lot of self help books, as well as listen to self help audio books and even some podcasts on hypnosis and self help. I have also currently taken up improving on my health and personal well being through exercise. I have been going to the gym now for a few months, to start was off and on. I have no set up a system I do regularly 3 days a week of weightlifting at my gym as well as 3 days of cardio done at home or at the gym. Seeing I am still working as a custodian at the University I work at I have set my workout days to days I work and found a 24hr gym to work out at where I go to directly from work after my shift. So far to get started was a little slow. Setting up a process and getting set into a routine which can take time and energy. Though now I have been doing this new system for 3 weeks I feel amazing! Health wise I feel more energetic and get sick a lot less. Personal well being I feel better as well, I am more confident in myself with how I look as well as how I respond to people. I would recommend anyone who feels down on themselves or low energy or negativity to take up some form of exercise be it weight lifting or jogging, biking, whatever you like. It may be hard to begin with but push through it know that it is important for you and set your goal in high importance. I know you'll start feeling better and become more positive in life. For other ways of self advancement, I recommend going to your library, or book store, or even search online for self help. You'll be surprised what you find. If you need a little guidance in that area of what to look for I have found a few things I have liked. I listen to audios from Jodeph Clough, you can find him on iphone and android apps, youtube and even facebook. I read and have ready a few books as well. Think and Grow Rich is a great book by Napolean Hill, I have recently picked up & Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey, I have also ready How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie. All of which have been great books and I recommend reading them more then once and not only just reading them but take action on the steps and things you learn in each book. I know you'll see great results, or at the very least learn some interesting things about yourself and others. Keep pushing forward to your goals and don't let others try to drag you down. take ownership over your life and take action now! Don't wait till tomorrow, we're never guaranteed a tomorrow in this life, but you are alive now, so enjoy it like it may be your last!