Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New Journey super excited

So I have started a new journey in my life.  One I am very passionate about and something I love to do and be involved in.    I was approached by a very good friend and mentor of mine who has teamed up with a company leading in fighting Malnutrition around the world.  Malnutrition affects everyone even those in well of countries.  Health is very important to me as I don't have great health myself, with asthma, allergies, eczema.  However there are people out there way worse off then I am, now I can be part of something I truly believe can help all types of people. I'm on my missions to 5 million now and am super excited and happy about it.  Please check the link I will leave in this blog, perhaps you'll be the next person I can help or know of someone I can be a part of helping as well.  Our company does a donation through consumption, so if you find something you would like to try take advantage of their 6 month satisfaction guarantee and try it out.

Thank you everyone for allowing me to share this with you.


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Personal success

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share a short personal success with you all.  I have battled eczema all my life and the past few years have been rough as my wife and I had decided to move away from where I have lived most of my life.  Some of you who have health issues may understand my battle in this.  For those that don't I will explain a little of my battle with our choice to move.

I have asthma, allergies, and eczema which are auto immune diseases and all travel pretty close together.  My eczema is now full blown all over my body but as of recently have been put on some medications that are clearing up the red dry itchy patches.  On top of this I have found an amazing product which is helping my body speed up the healing process and keeping me looking more human instead of a big walking dried out tomato.

My saviour product I have found is from a company I am quickly growing to enjoy and love.  The company is called Modere.  The system I am using is call I/D I use it on my face and neck as directed and have seen some pretty amazing results.  Have a look at the pictures I bet you'll agree!

One of my passions is helping others over come obstacles of their own, if you suffer from dry skin or aging skin and would like to give this product a try check out my website with the link that will save you $10 on your order here is the link  for you all to use https://www.modere.com/ProductDetail/m1-anti-aging-collection/?referralCode=341545

I know you'll enjoy it as I have!

This is only 5 days of using the ID system can't wait to see my results after 30days!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bucket Lists

People talk about bucket lists, it is my experience that being young some people don't think about the future goals in their life.  They tend to have the "I have lots of time to do that" thought process in life.  I am guilty of this myself even with the health challenges I face in my life.  But as I grow older and not being so old even now as I write this I have found myself looking back more on my past and contemplating where I would like to see my future go.

  Looking back is a good thing as long as you don't find yourself getting stuck there.  Be grateful for everything that has happened to you in your past, the good and the bad.  You wouldn't be who your are today if they didn't happen.  If you are unhappy with where you are today, well it is today and you can make a stand to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Time to start contemplating, write a bucket list.  Look at your life as tomorrow may never come and if you were to die today would you have any regrets?  Is there anything you would think you would love to do.  Perhaps places you'd like to visit, a job you wish you had, a business you wish you started, perhaps an idea you'd like to see come to life.  Your goals are only limited by your imagination and the limits you put on yourself.  Dream big and go for those dreams like you are dreaming and have nothing to lose.  But do them while you are awake.  Follow life as a child who is learning  for the first time.  Try new foods, talk to new people, meet people you always wanted to meet.  Enjoy life like you won't get another.

Write those goals and start checking them off and when your time comes you will be full and happy and even leave a legacy behind.  Live your lives and only look back to keep in check where you are going forward.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We were born to be Phenomenal why live less?

Hey everyone I wanted to write about something that I have seen in myself as well as many others I have been around for years. Have you or anyone you known lived below their means? Making the decision to live safe and comfortable instead of reaching out, pushing your limits and testing your strengths and weaknesses? We were all born to be phenomenal, to live anything else is a waste really. But to live this life we need to stop doing certain things and start doing others. What are those things? Well for one, to live a phenomenal life you need to fill yourself and surround yourself with positive motivational energy. It's not an easy road you are going to set yourself on, which is why not many people choose it. You can and will lose some friends and family, you can and will make others. However in saying this I find the positive energy attracts, you will become a magnet, you will be looked upon to show others that it is possible. The more we put ourselves out there and grow the more we will show those we love and care about and even others we didn't know existed that they too can do it! They too can become what they desire most, that living below their true strengths is nothing but a waste of the energy, love, and anything else that makes you up. Become that leader the world needs! The world needs more positive influences, we are a world diseased with hatred and fear. What most don't understand is that hatred and fear isn't just outward coming in it is inward being projected out. I am going to challenge all of my readers to spend 1 week doing a few steps and see what happens in your life. The challenge will change you, it won't be easy for everyone some of you it will. Some of you are probably doing it already. What is this challenge? To wake up each day look in the mirror and tell yourself out loud "I am grateful that I am alive to make this change today to become something more. I am worth it! I am phenomenal! I love myself and I will accomplish my dreams and goals in life!" When you go to bed at night go over all of your accomplishments for that day, no matter how small they seem be grateful for them and celebrate them. The things that didn't go right that day, ask yourself what you learned from it and what you can do different to make it go right next time. Don't dwell on "failures" everyone has them, but the successful people don't see them as walls they see them as stepping stones to greatness. Success isn't a dream it's a mindset. Success is possible for everyone! I will see you all in 1 week and look forward to reading about your successes in life and changes you have seen in yourself and even those you love and care about.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Don't limit yourself

Hey everyone, excited to start another Monday off right with another blog for everyone.  Let's talk about limiting beliefs today.

Do you dreams of being something bigger but it just seems like a dream unattainable?  I find focusing everyday on what you want in life in the positive as you already have it very helpful.  There will be hard days everyone has them even the most successful people in life.  But something that sets us apart is success people adopt and "I can" belief system while other adopt and "I'm not good enough" or " I can't" or any other negative belief.

   Try this throughout your day, in the morning, and before bed.  Visualize yourself already having obtained your goal.  Then repeat "I can, I will, I must" out loud to yourself several times.  For more effect you can do this in the mirror.

Let me know your results comment on this post.  It may take a few days even several weeks for it to not seem strange and to see the amazing results but habits take time to build.  Good luck everyone I know you'll do amazing things!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Work on yourself daily

Everyday is such a great day being able to write to you all and post things look forward to being able to bring value to all your lives.  Today I would like to talk about working on yourself daily.

Do you read any books to expand your mind?  Or perhaps better yourself in your chosen field?  Maybe even teach you what you need to know to change your current situation or carreer path even?

If we don't do things to help ourselves grow each day we become complacent on where we are.  We tend to settle, which in turn stops us from growing.  It's at these times we need to remind ourselves we are worth more, we deserve more.  We should be pushing ourselves that much harder to grow.

Pick up a book, watch a video, go to a seminar.  Do something that keeps your mind going.  Pushes you a little more each day.  If we fail that is fine it's just preparing us for the next win!  We need to keep going.  #NeverGiveUp

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Don't let regret ruin you

Hey everyone, just wanted to talk a little about regret tonight.  Regret is something that can ruin so many things in your life.  It can run you down, stress you out.  It can ruin relationships, even your future.  Regret is one of the most painful destructive feelings you can ever have.

Best way I have found to deal with regret is to not allow it into your life.  Take chances, live your life.  Don't let fears hold you back, you should let them push you forward.  Fear is the tipping point of realizing your full potential.  Regret is what you get when you let fear hold you back from your full potential.

I for one have recently battled my regret.  Took my chances on my fears and won.  You deserve to win as well.  Don't let anything hold you back.   You'll be happy you did it in any outcome.  Even if it's a negative because at least you will have your answer have the power of knowing you tried your best, gave it your all and even if it didn't work out.  You now know instead of living with the "what if" for the rest of your life.

So keep trying my friends, keeping pushing forward #NeverGiveUp

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