Monday, January 26, 2015

Don't limit yourself

Hey everyone, excited to start another Monday off right with another blog for everyone.  Let's talk about limiting beliefs today.

Do you dreams of being something bigger but it just seems like a dream unattainable?  I find focusing everyday on what you want in life in the positive as you already have it very helpful.  There will be hard days everyone has them even the most successful people in life.  But something that sets us apart is success people adopt and "I can" belief system while other adopt and "I'm not good enough" or " I can't" or any other negative belief.

   Try this throughout your day, in the morning, and before bed.  Visualize yourself already having obtained your goal.  Then repeat "I can, I will, I must" out loud to yourself several times.  For more effect you can do this in the mirror.

Let me know your results comment on this post.  It may take a few days even several weeks for it to not seem strange and to see the amazing results but habits take time to build.  Good luck everyone I know you'll do amazing things!

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