Monday, September 6, 2010

Action Day

Hey everyone, just thought I would write a little about action in your business. What good is a dream and plan if there is no action? As long as you have a dream, a plan to make that dream come true and put it all into action there is no way you can lose. In network marketing companies I have learned there is what they call the 80/20 rule, which basically means that when you talk to 100 people you may get about 20 people who are interested. Don't let this discourage you though. Because as network companies go, people have become millionaires or bigger with helping those 20 people do the same thing they are doing. Now I have also learnt that a good way to start is by doing 75 calls, from the training that I did I had learnt that out of 5 people you call you may get 1 person interested or who deserves more time to take to the next step. Then you'll need to call 5 more sets to find 5 people who qualify for more time out of those in the end you should find 2 people who are interested in product use and 1 who will build the business like you do.

Your numbers may vary but it is a good start to see where in that 75 you are and use that as a guideline to get better. As long as you run the numbers there is no way to lose! If you are having problems with finding people who qualify for more info call more people, it's all about the numbers. Don't be upset if you start calling people and you find that you aren't getting anyone right away. I have talked to quite a few people who are now making over $1,000,000/year and they have all told me that they had to go through 100 or more sometimes 500 calls before they started to get people to look at their business and get comfortable making the calls. So if your company has some cheap lead calls you can get start with those first. Get comfortable with the calls then as you get more successful and more comfortable move up to the more expensive ones. Good Luck everyone I know you can do it! feel free to comment on my blog, and also visit my website at

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Your Reason why is important

Hey everyone. One thing I would like to make clear on becoming successful in your business or even anything you plan on doing. Make sure your reason why you are doing it is important to you and bigger then you. Many successful people have dreams even above them that they would like to be part of or do in their future. Things like helping people who are poor or have low incomes see how they can become richer by changing spending habits or starting their own home based businesses etc. Some others want to be able to make more money so they can start programs or become part of programs that are making huge impacts on world issues, like poverty, hunger etc. The bigger your dream the better.

The next part is to make a plan with that picture in mind. If you can see it on paper how you are going to accompish this big dream, it makes it easier to do. You can't fail if you know where you're going and can see yourself there. You may have to make some changes to your plan as you go but as long as you keep that final goal in mind you'll get there. If you have any questions or comments feel free to post on here or get ahold of me on my facebook or my other lines of contact.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Small introduction

Hi everyone, my name is Garry Bacon. I've been working as a janitor for about 12 years now. Currently I work at a University near where I live. I have a passion for helping people and being useful to them in some way to help them progress in their life or help them find what they may need to do so. I have worked a few different types of jobs from sales, to hard labour, gone from working 1 job at a time to 5 jobs at a time. Now I currently work full time as a Custodian, also am working on building my home business up in hopes that I can offer what I've learned to those who believe they may not be able to do a networking business. In future posts I will talk about my thoughts on networking businesses as well as what I've learned from the time I've been involved in them and from what I've researched on websites and read in books etc. Feel free to comment on my posts or leave me questions. I hope all of this will help you reach your goals and be successful in your life as well.

you can catch me on facebook, I will be posting videos on Youtube and you can also contact me through my business site

Thanx for reading,
Good Luck with your success
Garry Bacon

Monday, February 22, 2010

Finally working on my first YouTube video

So I picked up my webcam on the weekend yay!! I finally got some extra time between my projects and family and job to test it out and attempt my first youtube video posting. I will be putting up a more reformed video later today probably on my supper break from work. Thought I'd let you all know. Also I have made my Viral Marketing to Make You $$$ group on Facebook check it out and learn what we are doing each day to help make people like you money. Thanx everyone for the support and patience while I get all of this going

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 1

Had a busy day with son, so not much business going on today. Planned a couple strategies and contacted a few people, looking at prices to get a webcam and mic so I can do videos as well yay for today!