Friday, August 27, 2010

Small introduction

Hi everyone, my name is Garry Bacon. I've been working as a janitor for about 12 years now. Currently I work at a University near where I live. I have a passion for helping people and being useful to them in some way to help them progress in their life or help them find what they may need to do so. I have worked a few different types of jobs from sales, to hard labour, gone from working 1 job at a time to 5 jobs at a time. Now I currently work full time as a Custodian, also am working on building my home business up in hopes that I can offer what I've learned to those who believe they may not be able to do a networking business. In future posts I will talk about my thoughts on networking businesses as well as what I've learned from the time I've been involved in them and from what I've researched on websites and read in books etc. Feel free to comment on my posts or leave me questions. I hope all of this will help you reach your goals and be successful in your life as well.

you can catch me on facebook, I will be posting videos on Youtube and you can also contact me through my business site

Thanx for reading,
Good Luck with your success
Garry Bacon