Monday, May 26, 2014

Put yourself out there

Hey everyone!  Haven't written anything in a while things have been pretty hectic with our planning a move etc.  I thought I would get on here and post about some thoughts I had today about putting yourself out there.  If you don't take the chance to put yourself out there how will you ever get to see what you can accomplish and how amazing you are?  You need to take chances in your life, without chances we wouldn't have had the experiences we have had today.  Good or bad, you get to learn from them and grow bigger and stronger everyday.  I put myself out there a little more today I have made myself a Facebook page on my journey kinda like this blog to help motivate people and show people that no matter what if you strive to better yourself no matter the obstacles you can always succeed times can get hard but that is when you make the biggest strides towards accomplishing your goals.  If you want to be part of my journey more then just this blo follow me on my Facebook page you are all a great blessing to me and I love writing my thoughts and sharing with you all.  I hope I can help you move past your fears and blocks in your lives and help your loved ones accomplish great things as well.  You are all amazing!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

We can all acquire greatness in our lives

It doesn't matter where we came from or what our past was.  We are all filled with the same ability of greatness in ourselves that we have the same opportunity to grasp and take charge of.  We all have a chance at greatness whatever that greatness is.  Don't let your past or present negatives hold you back learn from them and become phenomenal!  We are all meant to be phenomenal in our lives no matter our circumstances.  Be grateful for your past and present and future.  You have the ability and power to create your life the way you want to see it.  Create it as the most beautiful happy picture you can dream of!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sales and it's truths

Lots of people seem to be afraid of sales in one way or another.  It's my belief that people are clouded on what sales really is.  Some may have had a bad experience with a type of sale and now believe that that is all sales.  Well to let out the truth if we like it or not we are all in sales from the day we are born till the day we die.  Everything we do involves a sale of some sort.  We are all born natural sales people. Before you think I'm nuts let me explain.  When you are a child you sell your parents on feeding you, or even as far as feeding you the foods you like and not the ones you don't like.  You sell them on spending more time with you grabbing their attention etc.  all this is done before we are even able to speak.  We sold through noises, cries, grunts, etc.  As we get older and learn our language we perfect other ways of selling toget the candies, toys, later bed times, et that we want.  We then continue this selling into our later years of making new friendships, selling our friends on the idea we make a good friend.  Which again later we expan to finding a mate, selling not only our mate on picking us as their companion but selling their family on ourselves as well.  This selling continues through our lives to other relationships through work, business etc.  We never stop selling.  In the end selling is what has brought us to our current lives, the good and the bad.  Even with the bra we don't stop selling we just adjust and learn to sell differently or better.  In that the human race is amazing we thrive to better ourselves and adjust and adapt as needed.  One thing I have noticed some of us don't do enough is sell ourselves on how awesome we are and how much we have and can accomplish in our lives.  So today sell yourself on you.  Take time to tell yourself how amazing you are and show yourself your dreams and accomplishments sell yourself to love yourself.  Have an amazing day!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Proclaim YES!

Proclaim YES to yourself Everytime something happens good or bad celebrate it like it is amazing.  Why?? If you celebrate every moment of your life like it is a gift, life will be your gift.  Life is the greatest gift any of us can have and it is a gift that can disappear as fast as it has come.  So why dwell on the negatives that happen in life even if it is a negative celebrate it because you were alive to experience it and learn from it!  Keeping a positive attitude towards life keeps the positive in your life.  You bring about what you think about in your life.  Enjoy your gift of life and celebrate every moment of it!

#NeverGiveUp #NoExcuses

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Anything is possible

Just finished listening to a great motivational video a friend of mine had posted. Thought I'd comment about it on here. Something I have learnt and noticed over the years, how we raise ourselves and our kids and teach those around us. Ever noticed how some people who always seem to succeed where others who are fully capable to complete the same tasks in something seem to fail? Ever wondered why? Well from what I have noticed over the years with myself and watching other. It is because those that succeed continue to tell themselves they can do it, anything is possible and they will succeed. Even above all those that tell them otherwise. We are all born the same, may lead different lives, but I believe we can all become great! All that is needed is dedication, belief and strength to follow your dreams and make them happen. Don't others negativity draw you down, use it to bring them up. When others are negative it isn't because they want to see you fail, it is because they are crying out for someone to be their hero and show them that anything is possible. They will and may continue to negatively affect those around them but you will prevail and in that day they will be grateful that you never stopped believing in yourself and them. Keep working on bringing others up, it is what this world needs. Never stop trying, and never stop believing... YOU WILL DO IT! YOU WILL SUCCEED!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Self Advancement

today I want to talk to you about taking time to improve on yourself. This could come in the form of many ways. I for one read a lot of self help books, as well as listen to self help audio books and even some podcasts on hypnosis and self help. I have also currently taken up improving on my health and personal well being through exercise. I have been going to the gym now for a few months, to start was off and on. I have no set up a system I do regularly 3 days a week of weightlifting at my gym as well as 3 days of cardio done at home or at the gym. Seeing I am still working as a custodian at the University I work at I have set my workout days to days I work and found a 24hr gym to work out at where I go to directly from work after my shift. So far to get started was a little slow. Setting up a process and getting set into a routine which can take time and energy. Though now I have been doing this new system for 3 weeks I feel amazing! Health wise I feel more energetic and get sick a lot less. Personal well being I feel better as well, I am more confident in myself with how I look as well as how I respond to people. I would recommend anyone who feels down on themselves or low energy or negativity to take up some form of exercise be it weight lifting or jogging, biking, whatever you like. It may be hard to begin with but push through it know that it is important for you and set your goal in high importance. I know you'll start feeling better and become more positive in life. For other ways of self advancement, I recommend going to your library, or book store, or even search online for self help. You'll be surprised what you find. If you need a little guidance in that area of what to look for I have found a few things I have liked. I listen to audios from Jodeph Clough, you can find him on iphone and android apps, youtube and even facebook. I read and have ready a few books as well. Think and Grow Rich is a great book by Napolean Hill, I have recently picked up & Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey, I have also ready How to Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie. All of which have been great books and I recommend reading them more then once and not only just reading them but take action on the steps and things you learn in each book. I know you'll see great results, or at the very least learn some interesting things about yourself and others. Keep pushing forward to your goals and don't let others try to drag you down. take ownership over your life and take action now! Don't wait till tomorrow, we're never guaranteed a tomorrow in this life, but you are alive now, so enjoy it like it may be your last!