Sunday, January 8, 2012


Do you hold yourself accountable for what you do to reach your goals? I find if I don't hold myself accountable my progress on my goals is very slow if any progress at all. We can find excuses for just about anything but instead I finding excuses of why you should do something try finding excuses of why not to do it.

Write your goals down keep them where you can see them and even where others can see them as well. Share your goals with the world. Grow it out and and see what happens. Who knows maybe you'll find others who have the same goals as you do and you an team up and help each other reach the greatness you all deserve.

Review your goals often sometimes they change and if you don't accomplish them in the time you wanted don't look for excuses of what happened just review your actions learn from your mistakes and re adjust your plan of action and keep moving forward.

The great thing about life is you can make mistakes but you are in control of how you see those mistakes, you can see them negatively and get yourself down or you can see them as a positive move forward and hold yourself accountable for what happened and learn from it.