Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We were born to be Phenomenal why live less?

Hey everyone I wanted to write about something that I have seen in myself as well as many others I have been around for years. Have you or anyone you known lived below their means? Making the decision to live safe and comfortable instead of reaching out, pushing your limits and testing your strengths and weaknesses? We were all born to be phenomenal, to live anything else is a waste really. But to live this life we need to stop doing certain things and start doing others. What are those things? Well for one, to live a phenomenal life you need to fill yourself and surround yourself with positive motivational energy. It's not an easy road you are going to set yourself on, which is why not many people choose it. You can and will lose some friends and family, you can and will make others. However in saying this I find the positive energy attracts, you will become a magnet, you will be looked upon to show others that it is possible. The more we put ourselves out there and grow the more we will show those we love and care about and even others we didn't know existed that they too can do it! They too can become what they desire most, that living below their true strengths is nothing but a waste of the energy, love, and anything else that makes you up. Become that leader the world needs! The world needs more positive influences, we are a world diseased with hatred and fear. What most don't understand is that hatred and fear isn't just outward coming in it is inward being projected out. I am going to challenge all of my readers to spend 1 week doing a few steps and see what happens in your life. The challenge will change you, it won't be easy for everyone some of you it will. Some of you are probably doing it already. What is this challenge? To wake up each day look in the mirror and tell yourself out loud "I am grateful that I am alive to make this change today to become something more. I am worth it! I am phenomenal! I love myself and I will accomplish my dreams and goals in life!" When you go to bed at night go over all of your accomplishments for that day, no matter how small they seem be grateful for them and celebrate them. The things that didn't go right that day, ask yourself what you learned from it and what you can do different to make it go right next time. Don't dwell on "failures" everyone has them, but the successful people don't see them as walls they see them as stepping stones to greatness. Success isn't a dream it's a mindset. Success is possible for everyone! I will see you all in 1 week and look forward to reading about your successes in life and changes you have seen in yourself and even those you love and care about.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Don't limit yourself

Hey everyone, excited to start another Monday off right with another blog for everyone.  Let's talk about limiting beliefs today.

Do you dreams of being something bigger but it just seems like a dream unattainable?  I find focusing everyday on what you want in life in the positive as you already have it very helpful.  There will be hard days everyone has them even the most successful people in life.  But something that sets us apart is success people adopt and "I can" belief system while other adopt and "I'm not good enough" or " I can't" or any other negative belief.

   Try this throughout your day, in the morning, and before bed.  Visualize yourself already having obtained your goal.  Then repeat "I can, I will, I must" out loud to yourself several times.  For more effect you can do this in the mirror.

Let me know your results comment on this post.  It may take a few days even several weeks for it to not seem strange and to see the amazing results but habits take time to build.  Good luck everyone I know you'll do amazing things!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Work on yourself daily

Everyday is such a great day being able to write to you all and post things look forward to being able to bring value to all your lives.  Today I would like to talk about working on yourself daily.

Do you read any books to expand your mind?  Or perhaps better yourself in your chosen field?  Maybe even teach you what you need to know to change your current situation or carreer path even?

If we don't do things to help ourselves grow each day we become complacent on where we are.  We tend to settle, which in turn stops us from growing.  It's at these times we need to remind ourselves we are worth more, we deserve more.  We should be pushing ourselves that much harder to grow.

Pick up a book, watch a video, go to a seminar.  Do something that keeps your mind going.  Pushes you a little more each day.  If we fail that is fine it's just preparing us for the next win!  We need to keep going.  #NeverGiveUp

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Don't let regret ruin you

Hey everyone, just wanted to talk a little about regret tonight.  Regret is something that can ruin so many things in your life.  It can run you down, stress you out.  It can ruin relationships, even your future.  Regret is one of the most painful destructive feelings you can ever have.

Best way I have found to deal with regret is to not allow it into your life.  Take chances, live your life.  Don't let fears hold you back, you should let them push you forward.  Fear is the tipping point of realizing your full potential.  Regret is what you get when you let fear hold you back from your full potential.

I for one have recently battled my regret.  Took my chances on my fears and won.  You deserve to win as well.  Don't let anything hold you back.   You'll be happy you did it in any outcome.  Even if it's a negative because at least you will have your answer have the power of knowing you tried your best, gave it your all and even if it didn't work out.  You now know instead of living with the "what if" for the rest of your life.

So keep trying my friends, keeping pushing forward #NeverGiveUp

Comment below or subscribe you are all the reasons why I enjoy writing my thoughts and try to bring value to your lives through my thoughts and experiences thank you everyone

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Spend everyday like it could be your last

Something I have thought about at times that seem hard to push forward.  We all have those days where it just seems tough and we start thinking about other things and losing track of our goals.  Maybe to the point of procrastination towards your goals.

Try keeping this in mind on those days... If I was to leave this world today would I be happy with the life I have lead?  Have I accomplished all that I could?  Have you left a positive mark on the world?  Perhaps given more then you have received?  How about done some things that you never thought you could do that once you accomplished then felt so awesome and energizing and left others feeling the same way that you couldn't express the feeling enough?

Ask yourself are you happy where you're at right now?  What are you doing to change it and make it better if you are not?  Or even if you are happy what are you doing to make your life even better ? Are you striving for more? Pushing for more?  Or are you settling?  Everyday we choose to settle is another day we hold ourselves back from our true potential.

Keep those goals close my friends,  write them everywhere.  Review them daily and tell yourself it's possible to accomplish them and that you deserve it!  Soon you will be there I know it!


Small steps Big Results

Tonight I was thinkin wow I haven't written on my blog in a very long time and have felt like I have been letting my readers down so tonight at 2am I am sitting here and writing something that I have learnt recently.

We have all had big dreams that have at times seemed impossible to obtain.  Perhaps we are still working on them, maybe worse case thinking they are impossible.  Well tonight what I write I hope will help you to move toward obtaining those dreams and realizing they maybe aren't so far away.

What I have learnt is it's great to have big goals that's what makes us grow and tests our boundaries.  Instead of looking just at the end goal and wondering how you're going to get there, break it down step by step.  If those steps still seem hard to do break it down further.  Keep breaking it down until you succeed in that first step then take the next and the next.

Review your goals each and everyday to push you through the hard days.  Never give up on yourself because you are worth it.  You deserve a better life and you can make it happen.  The biggest part of obtaining your goals is to take that first step.  Once you do that and take the next and next the momentum will build and soon you'll be succeeding and hitting your goals.

Let me know how this has helped you and leave a comment on those goals you are working to obtain.  Keeping yourself accountable and having others cheat you on can help reach those goals even faster!  Good luck my friends.