Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sales and it's truths

Lots of people seem to be afraid of sales in one way or another.  It's my belief that people are clouded on what sales really is.  Some may have had a bad experience with a type of sale and now believe that that is all sales.  Well to let out the truth if we like it or not we are all in sales from the day we are born till the day we die.  Everything we do involves a sale of some sort.  We are all born natural sales people. Before you think I'm nuts let me explain.  When you are a child you sell your parents on feeding you, or even as far as feeding you the foods you like and not the ones you don't like.  You sell them on spending more time with you grabbing their attention etc.  all this is done before we are even able to speak.  We sold through noises, cries, grunts, etc.  As we get older and learn our language we perfect other ways of selling toget the candies, toys, later bed times, et that we want.  We then continue this selling into our later years of making new friendships, selling our friends on the idea we make a good friend.  Which again later we expan to finding a mate, selling not only our mate on picking us as their companion but selling their family on ourselves as well.  This selling continues through our lives to other relationships through work, business etc.  We never stop selling.  In the end selling is what has brought us to our current lives, the good and the bad.  Even with the bra we don't stop selling we just adjust and learn to sell differently or better.  In that the human race is amazing we thrive to better ourselves and adjust and adapt as needed.  One thing I have noticed some of us don't do enough is sell ourselves on how awesome we are and how much we have and can accomplish in our lives.  So today sell yourself on you.  Take time to tell yourself how amazing you are and show yourself your dreams and accomplishments sell yourself to love yourself.  Have an amazing day!

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  1. Sales is really tricky, yet it is an intrinsic part of a business, a company or a corporation. The organization must be built and layered enough to handle the multilevel aspects of that action. However, it must also be built with a certain push, to make it function well in that regard, and how everything is going materialize is a marking of what makes a company in demand. Thanks for sharing that! All the best to you!

    Barton Wilson @ ISA Registrar