Saturday, May 3, 2014

Anything is possible

Just finished listening to a great motivational video a friend of mine had posted. Thought I'd comment about it on here. Something I have learnt and noticed over the years, how we raise ourselves and our kids and teach those around us. Ever noticed how some people who always seem to succeed where others who are fully capable to complete the same tasks in something seem to fail? Ever wondered why? Well from what I have noticed over the years with myself and watching other. It is because those that succeed continue to tell themselves they can do it, anything is possible and they will succeed. Even above all those that tell them otherwise. We are all born the same, may lead different lives, but I believe we can all become great! All that is needed is dedication, belief and strength to follow your dreams and make them happen. Don't others negativity draw you down, use it to bring them up. When others are negative it isn't because they want to see you fail, it is because they are crying out for someone to be their hero and show them that anything is possible. They will and may continue to negatively affect those around them but you will prevail and in that day they will be grateful that you never stopped believing in yourself and them. Keep working on bringing others up, it is what this world needs. Never stop trying, and never stop believing... YOU WILL DO IT! YOU WILL SUCCEED!

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